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taxi 9 plazas Málaga

Are you planning this summer a trip with all your family to the Costa del Sol? We offer you different options to move around the city by car. Malaga is a very tourist city that offers its visitors an unforgettable experience through different areas such as culture, sports, festivals, leisure areas and relax.

The 9 seats taxis can take you anywhere, either back to the hotel or to any destination where you have planned. Malaga is a city that attracts thousands of tourists all the year. If you arrive to the city by plane, you should know that you can find a 9 seats taxi right in Malaga airport.

The problem of traveling with the whole family is that the number of people as well as the possibility that there are children within the group makes things very difficult when moving around the city or taking certain trips. In some cases, you even have to take several public transport to reach a certain location. With us these problems are over.

Call us for information about the 9 seats taxis in Malaga: you will have a vehicle at your disposal without any problem. In addition, in trips of several people the normal thing is to go with a lot of luggage. The large taxis in Malaga include a large storage space in the back of the vehicle that will allow the comfortable and simple transportation of the luggage of an entire family to their destination.

interior taxi 9 plazas Málaga

In the 9 seats taxis of Malaga, the driver can take up to 8 more people. If the group of travelers consists of more than 8 people, there is always the option to call another large taxi from Malaga, so you will be able to move all at once and without problems of space, time or locate yourself in a new city. Another option is to book a minibus, consult us prices without any commitment.

Our goal is that your trip in Malaga is as pleasant as possible, and that you can make the most of your time discovering the corners of the Costa del Sol and its people, and not trying to locate yourself in the big city through the different public transports that the City Council of Malaga makes available to residents and tourists.

We offer you a service with excellent quality and price. The big taxis of Malaga will pick you up at the specific location where you are and they will take you back to the hotel or to a different location. With just one call you will have at your disposal the vehicle you want. A unique service that will allow you to make the most of your stay in Malaga.

taxi 9 plazas aeropuerto de Málaga

9 seats taxis Málaga

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