Adapted taxis in Málaga

taxi discapacitados Málaga

Our company is characterized by offering the best taxi service to residents, tourists and visitors of Málaga, regardless of the conditions of each. Cover the entire market is not an easy task, because there are many factors that come into play when designing a segregation plan market.

Our commitment to disabled people is such that we have incorporated adapted cars to our fleet of taxis to transport people who may find themselves in a temporary or permanent need. These are taxis adapted with the best conditions so that transportation is as pleasant, comfortable and efficient as possible.

Our adapted taxis are composed of the latest advances and technology when it comes to providing the best possible service: ramps for wheelchair access, special safety belts, and enough space for everything.

We realized that a large sector of the population of Malaga demanded the need for a public adapted taxi service, so we got down to work.

taxi minusválidos Málaga

It allows them to move easily from one location to another in the city of Malaga without any problems and with a lot of self-sufficiency. And, the best services for people with disabilities or handicapped are those that guarantee greater independence at the time of travel.

With our adapted taxi service, traveling will be a simple task. Only through a call to our service, they will automatically have a specific taxi designated, which will provide them with a service with an excellent quality and price.

The reduced mobility of certain people was a challenge in the past when developing adapted vehicles to the different types of needs of these. But now, our company has dealt with this challenge with great success, offering a service to the citizens of Malaga of great quality, which many other companies are not able to address.

We have the best professionals that will make your journey the best possible, being at your disposal 24 hours a day. Do not hesitate to contact us, our many customers have always given an optimal feedback to our services thanks to our professionalism.

Adapted taxis in Málaga
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